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Where is Brad?? What happened to him???

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After getting more details from my sister Linda in Monticello,,i became being a mother would..i have a 29 year old daughter in Illinois (which I believe to be a difficult state to deal with) and a 33 year old son here in Indianapolis.

I googled serial killers during the time he went missing in 2007 in Illinois. There were about five missing people in the area that are unsolved cases. Drew Peterson's young wife was one of  them.

I believe that since nothing has been found, that it may have been a crime of opportunity. The state of Illinois has some areas that a person could be and never be found  for years. Indiana does also.

Does someone know something? Of course they do. We have a case right now about Lauren Spearer missing for about 15 months now off the IU campus. People don't want to talk and you know in your heart that someone knows something about your child.

I can not imagine what the family is dealing with. My prayers are with you.

I hope soon you will have some closure.

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